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Quote from Maklarr4000 Well, today I killed my first mouse. Computer mouse that is- sorry to alarm anyone. I have a bad habit of breaking or otherwise "killing" the mice I use... More
Kratos Oct 26, 05:23PM
Worst Christmas Song Pick: Christmas Shoes. It was one of the worst songs I've ever heard.
Kratos Oct 26, 05:20PM
Might change my answer to the dreadfully awful Matilda I. I can best sum it up as follows: What a piece of junk.
Maklarr4000 Jul 23, 01:38AM
Anyone try out the new 2.0 uploader over on ZippCast yet? They just rolled the thing out last night, a little ahead of schedule. It's brand new, but the tech crews have worked... More
Maklarr4000 Jul 8, 07:12PM
I recently spent more money than I should have buying some bits from a guys collection who had died. Beautiful stuff, I'll post some photos soon when I can get them. He made... More
Maklarr4000 Jun 13, 12:32AM
Metal Slug is awesome! It's got some amazing art design, and some totally wild gameplay, that's for sure!
Maklarr4000 Jun 6, 03:34PM
That one was pretty good. He's always got some pretty good points in his more analytical reviews. I really liked the Alice in Wonderland one that he rolled out a little...
Maklarr4000 Jun 4, 11:56AM

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