I think I finally broke my copy of Star Wars: Empire at War. This little number from 2006 is a real time strategy game (RTS) based in the Star Wars Universe. It's engine was... More
The Critic's last one (that I'm aware of anyway) was Food Fight. He's been making new one's pretty regularly, and they've been mighty funny, especially the last few.
@Trev7 I understand how you must feel for someone close to you to be affected the way they were, due to this unfortunate situation, which I have no knowledge of other... More
Yeah, they're doing some maintenance on the servers today. Nothing too serious as far as I know, but ZippCast might go down a couple times here and there. I'll post any... More
Thanks for the heads up! A little communication goes a long way- rock on ZippCast team!

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This is to inform everyone that there is a certain group of individuals out there who have made it their mission to get this site closed down. They have tried several times already. The latest h... more
Admin Apr 16
To me, there is no such thing as April Fools. I now declare today to be March 32nd. Bye.
Senpai Apr 1
I went out the other day, and found myself at the hobby shop. These little, family-owned shops are becoming more and more scarce, so I'm lucky to have one here in town. I've worked on scale model kits... more