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Dec 18, 01:43PM
So how's every one doing?
Dec 12, 03:47PM
Just to clear up any confusion. VidigoSocial is not renaming/moving to ZippCast/ZippCon.
Dec 11, 05:04AM
There has been a rumor going around that there might be something called ZippCon 2015. I am here to confirm that the rumor is 100 percent TRUE! That's right, the ZippCast Team is making arrangements for a Meet and Greet program in LaCrosse Wisconsin on Saturday, February 21, 2015! We are calling it Mini-ZippCon 2015. Most of the ZippCast Staff members will be there meeting and talking to people.

Oh yes, and of course, there will be Pizza! LOL.

We will release more details as we finalize the plans for the program. We look forward to meeting as many people as possible, so spread the word!
There has been a rumor going around that there might be something called ZippCon 2015. I am here to confirm that the rumor is 100 percent TRUE! That's right, the ZippCast Team is making arrangements f...See more
Dec 10, 03:26AM
@P3O A wall :::::allallalalallllllllll:::::
Dec 8, 06:32PM
What is this?
Dec 8, 07:32AM
GC, that's right. There must be a little glitch. I wasn't able to change my icon avatar as well :(
Dec 2, 04:05AM
Wanted to put on my Christmas hat but changing avatar is not working! Ho Ho NO
Dec 1, 08:01AM
Nov 29, 03:43AM
stop spamming ^^
Nov 28, 02:45PM
What's with the bullying? You're pretty cool.
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Quote from Maklarr4000 Christmas Shoes is just... awful. It's supposed to be endearing, but it's terribly annoying and repetitive. It's just bland and dull, and way too long for what it is....
Eliza Dec 19, 05:33AM
Logged out? I don't follow. You couldn't post in the forums if you were logged out, so you're definitely logged in.
Maklarr4000 Nov 27, 04:00PM
Good to hear you're with us on the project again, and as I've said many times, I'm ready to cover the bills anytime. Good to have the matter settled and thensome, that's for sure! Thanks again sir!
Maklarr4000 Nov 21, 11:37PM
I've had some of the Keurig K-Cup coffee, and it's alright too. We had a machine in the break room at work for a bit, and it was kinda fun to see it do it's thing. Probably the best "at home"...
Maklarr4000 Nov 2, 08:37PM
Wenoo everything about that site!
Kratos Nov 1, 02:27PM
Quote from Maklarr4000 Well, today I killed my first mouse. Computer mouse that is- sorry to alarm anyone. I have a bad habit of breaking or otherwise "killing" the mice I use on my various... More
Kratos Oct 26, 05:23PM
Might change my answer to the dreadfully awful Matilda I. I can best sum it up as follows: What a piece of junk.
Maklarr4000 Jul 23, 01:38AM
Anyone try out the new 2.0 uploader over on ZippCast yet? They just rolled the thing out last night, a little ahead of schedule. It's brand new, but the tech crews have worked out pretty much all... More
Maklarr4000 Jul 8, 07:12PM
I recently spent more money than I should have buying some bits from a guys collection who had died. Beautiful stuff, I'll post some photos soon when I can get them. He made some gorgeous armor... More
Maklarr4000 Jun 13, 12:32AM

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  • Merry Christmas
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
  • happy Saturday everyone, I hope you are doing well
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    Found this online, and after sitting through a mid-roll yesterday, I think this is pretty fitting.
    Dec 19, 02:08PM
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    There you have it.
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    You've been visited by the Mucky boys :P
    Dec 19, 05:34AM
    you think that's funny? -_-
    Dec 19, 02:08PM
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    I work in a big-box retail store, and as such get subjected to a sickening amount of Christmas cheer from mid-September through the end of January each year. I don't hate Christmas or anything, just after seeing it everywhere for months it loses it's luster. However, the music is inescapable. There are some fine Christmas tunes that I really enjoy, and wouldn't mind hearing over and over, and then there are songs that I really wish could be erased from the fabric of time. So, here's my Best and Worst for Christmas Music... Best / Most-Tolerable: "This Christmas" I really don't mind this one, and each different person who sings it puts their own spin on it, so it's like a different song each time it comes around. It's also "quiet" enough you can tune it out pretty easily. Worst / Least-Tolerable "I want an alien for Christmas" This charming little track by "Fountains of Wayne" must have been on sale or something, because the musi...
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