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Misc. patches installed.

VidigoSocial is now Vidi Nation. It was high time for a change. More information will be available in the forums for those interested to know more.

Made a few small changes to Profile Pages and Smileys plug in.

Working on platform updates, and a couple of possible new features for Vidi. Details coming soon!

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An update: It looks like Nightshade is going to be our new theme/look.  Exactly when it... More
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A New Theme/Look for Vidi Nation

We will be changing the Theme and look of Vidi Nation. The Nightshade theme seems to be the favored one. We don't have an exact time or date for this yet, but it should be in place by the end of October.

Thank you to all who helped us make the decision to move forward with this change.

The core functionality of Vidi Nation will not be affected by this change, except that some things that may be broken might start working again.