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Admin Dec 15 '16

In the interest of full transparency to our community, we are posting this notice from our hosting provider:  

[DigitalOcean] New Ticket # 1320759 : Abuse Complaint (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx)


DigitalOcean <[email protected]>  Today at 5:03 PM


[email protected]

Message body


Please review the following abuse complaint and provide us with a resolution. 



Trust & Safety Specialist

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Cloudflare received a DMCA copyright infringement complaint regarding:


Please be aware Cloudflare is a network provider offering a reverse proxy, pass-through security service. We are not a hosting provider. Cloudflare does not control the content of our customers.

The actual host for vidigosocial.net is xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx. Using the following command, you can confirm the site in question is hosted at that IP address: curl -v -H "Host: vidigosocial.net" xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/

Below is the complaint we received:

Reporter's Name: Alec xxxxxx

Copyright Holder's Name: Alec xxxxxx

Reporter's Email Address: [email protected]

Reporter's Company Name: MordecaiTheFox

Reporter's Address: xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx Niagara Falls, New York US

Reported URLs:


Original Work: This work was created by me and a team of users some years ago.  I have work and proof on hard drives but they are still running and modifying it to this day without my permission.  If It is not removed legal action will be taken.

Please address this issue with your customer.


Cloudflare Abuse

Please login to view the ticket:


Thanks so much,


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NJP Admin
NJP Dec 15 '16
Just received a response from Digital Ocean: This claim has been dismissed.
spiderfan Dec 15 '16

Quote from NJP Just received a response from Digital Ocean: This claim has been dismissed.
Maklarr4000 Meta
Maklarr4000 Dec 16 '16

Good news all around!
Mattwo Jan 3 '17
Aren't fake DMCA claims grounds for a lawsuit?
Maklarr4000 Meta
Maklarr4000 Jan 4 '17

Quote from Mattwo Aren't fake DMCA claims grounds for a lawsuit?

You can sue anyone for anything you want, but in this case it's not worth it. Vidi is up and running, and that's what matters to me.
Mattwo Jan 5 '17
Even if they keep harassing you like this?
Maklarr4000 Meta
Maklarr4000 Jan 6 '17

Quote from Mattwo Even if they keep harassing you like this?

Short answer: no.
NJP Admin
NJP Jan 7 '17
We have no intentions on seeking any legal action at this time.   That said, our hosting company may or may not take action.   Since we have no influence or control over their actions, that is completely up to them.
As for Vidi Nation?  We just want to move forward with our little site.