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Maklarr4000 Feb 17 '17
I'm gonna come out and say it. I feel bad for Vice President Micheal Pence. I know he's something of a controversial figure- some Republicans like him for his old-school way of doing things, others think he's too much of a centrist. The Democrats of course think he's some sort of backwards idiot at best, and a hobgoblin of satan at worst. However, his political stance doesn't really matter in this instance, at least to me, as I feel bad for him. Allow me to explain.

For those not in the know, it's come to light that at least one member of Trump's administration has been keeping secrets from Pence. Pence recently went on "Face the Nation" and did his due diligence to make a good case for himself and Trump's administration as a whole. Thanks to that interview, and several after it, it's come to light that he's been omitted from key pieces of information at least twice, and at least once with Trump's knowledge.

I don't know what he did to warrant such a void in trust from the rest of the Trump administration, but it drives me bonkers thinking that the second in command of the United States of America isn't up to speed on the same things that Trump is- and that it's a slight from those he's fighting tooth and nail to support and protect is mind-boggling.

When I heard it, and it was all spelled out, I just kept thinking how awful this must be for him- to be in no uncertain terms betrayed, and then thrown to the wolves for it. I've been in a similar situation where crucial information was withheld from me by my superiors for no conceivable reason, and it hurt something awful to find that those you were working so hard for didn't trust you.

In summation, I can imagine how this feels, and to be the Vice President of the United States, facing so much external pressure and then this on top of that must be a terrible blow. Like the man or hate him, no matter where you stand politically, I think we can all agree nobody deserves that sort of mistreatment. I'm really hoping that Trump and his administration can make it up to him somehow. Time will tell I suppose.

Rant over-
Zain_117 Feb 23 '17
Well that sucks! I wonder what he did aswell; I like pence.
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