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Maklarr4000 Meta
Maklarr4000 Feb 25 '17
Does anyone know a good screen capture program for Mac computers? I've been trying unsuccessfully to get my old mainstay Fraps to work, and that has been an exercise in futility.

Thanks in advance!
NJP Admin
NJP Feb 25 '17
Have you tried OBS?  I am not sure if it works on Apple products or not, but may be worth a try.   Also, I believer X-Split is available for Apple platforms.
Both are actually streaming programs, but can be used quite successfully for local recording.
allennicol May 18 '17

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Mattwo May 18 '17
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Yiliaaaa May 31 '18

Though there is a built-in recorder, QuickTime, on your Mac, it cannot work by recording system audio only. Luckily, I knew this screen recorder for mac from my friend. It has ability to record video with audio in perfect synchronization. I can even capture system audio and microphone sound with ease. If I just want to get system audio grabbed, I can do it as well.>>