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These people don't exist.
They're Louis under a wig, pretending someone actually takes his little website seriously.

"Look at me, I'm Louie Dee. Lousy with dishonesty."

Yeah, yeah. Go ahead and say this is yet another one of my crackpot theories I have no evidence for, but let me explain this one:

It's pretty known by everyone who's been on ZippCast at least once that Louis has pretty frequent and eloquent delusions of grandeur. He releases a barely working website and calls it "The Revolution," flips out on the minor indication his website might not be the best thing ever, threatens lawsuit on whatever insignificant negative thing someone says about him on the internet, the list goes on and on.

Louis used to claim back in his forums days he had a team for absolutely everything. A team for marketing, a team for legal issues, a team for development, and every matter was "addressed" to them. There is just one single question that has never been answered in my mind:

Who is paying these people?

According to Louis himself, he spent 90% of his salary on ZippCast alone, the website was not making any profit whatsoever, he claims time and time again he's a married with a baby whenever someone slightly criticizes his sheer incompetence. So I'd like to know, how did he get the money to hire all these staff members?

Maybe, I can believe that he has a friend that went to law school once and agreed to help him on ZippCast out of his own good free will. But a full-fledged team? Ha! Lawyers and legal agents cost money... tons of money. Louis barely has a salary to pay for ZippCast, so how is he paying their paychecks?

Something smells fishy, and the fact none of these people were ever presented to the public, despite all bullcrap of Louis promoting his website to be supportive of ultra-transparency, makes it pretty easy to assume all of them are merely sock-puppets.

Also worth mentioning: Back in 2013, when ZippCast had shut down for God-only-know-the-th time, he promised if he'd fuck up another time, someone had the power to replace the CEO and ZC would be under new management. Come 2014 and absolutely nothing changed.

Mix all of that together and you get the impression Louis is just a grown up attention whore who likes to play pretend, with his website being some sort of popular ultra big business, when the harsh reality is: It's a miserable failure that nobody, but banned YouTube pirates, like to use anyway.

But that's just my two cents on the whole thing.

Mattwo Mar 6 '17

Whether or not they are Louis remains to be seen but the fact that he claims ignorance of them is a bit odd. Usually it is he himself who claimed people who do not exist existed.
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