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MrATAndreiThomas Mar 10 '17
OK so I decided to make this new thread, why is that. Well honestly I don't like been kept in the dark in terms of me having to take this shit into my own hands

The reason why I am making thread is to reveal what I generally said traitorous scumbag (Louis G) back on Friday March 3rd 2017 on CraftingLord21's video titled "ZippCast's new ownership" which you will only find this on YouTube which you will find the link here.


Before I get started, I just honestly want to clear up somethings first, that I will take full responsibility for what I did back in 2014 that was mistakely wrong to create over 100 sock accounts no zippcast and that never happened again.

This thread contains the actual quotes that me and that traitorous scumbag has made he started to reply to me back then.

It all starts back on Wednesday March 1st 2 017 while I was on zippcast official Facebook page.

I was going through there announcements
So I replied only 2 of them and here are links for them.



After I made two replies on zippcast page I didn't know what believe because zippcast has a bad history shuting down.

Then On Friday March 3rd 2017 after I watched craftinglord21's video on YouTube titled ZippCast's new ownership I made a comment stating, quoted below


This is getting really fishy every minute. To tell the truth I went on their office facebook the other day and I saw the post that they purchase new equipment to get zippcast working I then asked the question "will their be a new core" zippcast say yes. I personally think it's going to go the same way as 2014 with the same bullshit like I still don't trust that egotistical traitorous scumbag. My theory is that zippcast is coming back just so it can complete against vidbitfuture the same way the same zippcast is completing against v streamers beta and wenoo.net.

Minutes later (Louis G) the traitorous scumbag reply to me as we went back and forth and here are the quotes.

(Louis G)

The new core was in development before the last shutdown. In fact we even provided previews of it. I don't know what "VIDBITFUTURE" is but cool another video platform unless you're talking about vidbit?. No reason why we cant exists side by side. More options for the end user, more ways to get your content out. It should be embraced!


and why on earth should I believe you Louis 2 years ago you made announcement that you was planning to implement the new core on December 24th 2015 you then said the core will be implemented within weeks which those weeks have turned in the months when a that time you never had which you lied to your community.

(Louis G)

I never lied, I simply misunderstood the amount of work needed to do especially when you have a team just ditch the community. I'm not asking you to believe me. Just setting some nonsense straight.


You never lie?! Bollocks! You did lie Louis, don't play bullshit with me fool! You also made up a bogus staff member called RyanM right after you burned bridges with your old staff members that you have abandoned when your website was in turmoil that you have not give them any updates the fact you made a announcement in public about the new staff member name RyanM to the point that many users in your community were curious and wanted to know the were about's RyanM you refuse to answer and did not make a view clarifications, instead you were that secretive to the point you were being deceitful, manipulative and untrustworthy to your users who helped you with your website from the ground up.


Okay buddy, if you say so. Coming from someone who creates hundreds and hundreds of accounts to attack the very users you claim to be standing up for right? You were there from the start? Or where you talking bad about it when you didn't get what you wanted then came back, just to do it all over again? As for Ryan, that guy is very real but wasn't ready for what he walked into. He came in and left just as fast. This type of work isn't cut out for everyone, not even the last group of folks as that was proven when they up and left. I will say ahead this time the two other people on the team now are Alec, and Austin... just an FYI to everyone else. Not DJ or Alex wherever that came from 0.o I suppose these guys aren't real either. That's okay. While conspiracies run rampant like these ones I'll be improving a network for a bunch of great folks who deserve it. I'm already starting to see great familiar faces from before as well as new ones. It's a great community that has formed. Even the most unfortunate circumstances cant break that. A few bad apples always fall from the tree at some point, however the storm will never take down a tree with a great foundation.


Fuck off louis, You lie like fuck!! Look at yourself, look what you have become!! Sure I done worse things of my own wrong mistakes of making over 100 over sock accounts, but you are far worse your a hypocrite, you expected everyone to kiss your ass and follow your terms of service of your own website when you keep shutting down your website 6 times to the point your taking the constant piss. Your a fraud buddy and a sorry one of that.

(Louis G)

Your opinion and you're entitled to it. However I'm not the one who banned you. So pick your fights with the right people. I've become a father, a business man, a hard worker. I like what I've become thank you. Are you sure you understand the meaning of a hypocrite? Things you've said in recent days sure does define it. Before insulting other try taking a good look at yourself. I don't wish to attack you, I'm sure you're a great guy. But it seems like you have a lot on your mind. Take a break and walk a quiet path with nice scenery. Nature sure is a beautiful place. It helps with anger, trust me. Oh that's right you cant.


I don't trust liars and traitors. Liars like you Louis. We all know your a hard working businessman and a family guy. But it doesn't excuse to fact, that your are still a deceitful manipulative piece of shit who doesn't like it when people aren't kissing your ass! when things don't go your way!, my biggest thing is this, you been opening and closing down zippcast since 2009 before I joined in spring 2012 which is pointless. The whole purpose of you being the chief executive officer of zippcast is the fact your going to be asked questions by your customers and not being egotistical and deceitful with them, and that also includes, working together as a team, without abandoning them, otherwise your website will fail badly.

After I made that last reply no further responses was made by that traitorous scumbag.

Now I may have a nasty attitude but I'm a sort of character that sometimes have Zero fucks given when I am in a bad mood.

I am going to say this quite clearly and I don't care who's reading this thread but it must be said directly to (Louis G)

You are a self centred arrogant traitorous scumbag and fraudster. It's one thing for you to point out of what I done when I made over 100 Sock Acconts on your website but you are far worse, because of your lack of inability of not running your own website properly, you forever have a bad habit of closing down zippcast for the 6th time which is pointless, you made no improvement what so ever on your website but then to abandoned your own team and then you go beating around the bush lying not only to me but to the whole of the community. Your not man enough to admit of what you did and I don't care if I'm on your blacklist, You need to grow a pare of fucking balls and take full responsibility for your deceitfulness because when it comes to business, the whole purpose of you being the chief executive officer of your own website , like this or not Louis, you're going be asked questions, From your customers and not being egotistical and deceitful to them because at the end of the day the more your dishonest with your. User base the more you end up losing them, so grow a damn pare,  because if I can take full responsibility of making over 100 accounts then you should take full responsibility for deceitfulness. Go put that on your pipe and smoke it.

That is all.

Please note, I won't be replying to this thread that I created. So say what you like.

Mr. A.T. Out.

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Mattwo Mar 11 '17
You can't seriously expect anyone to believe that you ever stopped using sockupuppets when you still dwarfed Mr. Enter's subscriber count on Zippcast when it HIS fanbase that hit that hard limit that crashed Zippcast, not yours.

You kept having WAY more subscribers than anyone else and I doubt that many people even watched videos on Zippcast because of what a PoS it was.
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