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Zain_117 Mar 30 '17
There is another controversial thing going on YouTube on how the media is making articles attacking YouTube and causing corporations to cause them to stop advertising on YouTube. Overall it's just a big clusterfuck and it's the biggest controversial thing on YouTube at the moment. I overall don't like it, but what do you guys think of it?
Mattwo Mar 31 '17
I say YT's better off without those advertisers. If what I read is true, YT's been a money sink of Google's for around a little over eight years and only even broken even around 2015. YT will be fine without them.

YT has had its ups and downs through the past two decades, this might be one of its lowest points but it'll recover again. Sadly it's still the best there is at what it does and no real competition exists as of right now. Vid.me is a solid site but it can't hold a candle to YT and the admins there are shady as hell and I do not trust them. Though I seem to be the only one with properly legitimate concerns about that website.

As it stands though, Vid.me is functionally the best alternative right now but I'm going to wait to see how VidBitFuture does at this point as it's still getting off the ground in spite of its rather shaky start thus far. IDK why they didn't ditch aws sooner though TBH... :/
spiderfan Apr 1 '17
With advertisers leaving I hope YT gets weeded out as I think this might end up getting rid of some of the "prank channels" and people of that nature. I hope all the great content creators start leaving and without people being paid I think Vidme looks a whole lot better. Heck, with how big some of these GoogleTubers fanbases being, I don't know why someone like Jim Sterling even put up with GoogleTube at all. 
Mattwo Apr 3 '17
I've said it once, I'll say it a million times, Jim Sterling, like myself doesn't make money off of YT. Seriously, why do you keep using him as an example? His biggest issues aren't even with YT itself.

Plus, he's trying to reach a broad as possible audience. I doubt Greenlight would have shut down without his help in highlighting its problems. Sure, he wasn't the only reason but he helped a great deal. Do you honestly believe that would have happened if he moved to Zippcas, Vidbitor Vidme at any point before it was announced  it would shut down (VBF effectively notwithstanding)?

And don't think he would have any less trouble with mentally challanged Greenlight devs, if those sites were anywhere near as have as popular as YouTube, he would have still been slammed with DMCA claims as long as they were properly filed.

He is a terrible example for this.

Anyway, YT is going to do jack about those channels. They're still making them the most money. All they can do now is put another lazy stopgap in place in attempt to replace them like when they changed viewcount to minutes watched because of the video response chicks or whatever they were called.
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Mattwo Apr 4 '17
So apparently WSJ maybe have had faked the screenshots they used...
This all sounds highly illegal, can't Google sue? Maybe they're in the process of a lawsuit.
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