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trebleknight Apr 19
With the shut down of Vidbit Futre many of its former users are recommending Wenoo as an alternative. Wenoo had always looked a little sketchy to me. I was wondering what you guys think of Wenoo.
BennyD Apr 19
Lot's of memories of that site. It was decently popular in 2013, but now, it doesn't stack up, IMO.
Has no real content, its userbase is toxic and entitled as hell, 95% of its comments are ASCII crap, hasn't had a noteworthy update since 2015, no monetization platform to encourage original content creation, and some functions just don't work.
Mattwo Apr 21
While I don't really hold it against Alisson anymore, Fawz did hire an admin who was willing to change the email and password on my account, which definitely reflects poorly on him.

Also not going to lie, the community being toxic and entitled as hell definitely sounds a lot like most YouTube alternatives. Especially with people like that Nightfright guy and AT around.

Also that one guy who was banned from Zippcast for using TOR who I didn't realize was an regressive right asshole until after the ban from Zippcast, seriously it's amazing he avoided being banned from Twitter with its regressive left bias until Louis took action against him. The guy was using unicode manji as swastikas just to provoke negative attention.

Zippcast's community wasn't a lot better, there were a lot of people who abused the channel customization functions to make some of the most gaudy looking channel designs that made them look desperate for attention.

Sure there's always been a few more level headed people in these YouTube alternative communities but the longer I've been around these communties, the more disillusioned with them I've started to grow.
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