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Maklarr4000 Meta
Maklarr4000 Dec 14 '17
Surprise! (Not really.)

Anyone else planning to go see it?
NJP Admin
NJP Dec 14 '17
As a fairly recent Star Wars fan, I could be coerced into seeing this movie.  I am actually more into the Star Wars Audio books than the movies right now though.
Maklarr4000 Meta
Maklarr4000 Dec 26 '17
An update of sorts.

Huh, audiences seem pretty mixed about this one.

So, I went to see this film three days ago.


That was, without a doubt, one of the worst films I've ever had the misfortune to suffer through. What a complete and utter waste of the story, characters, and more importantly, the vast potential of the Star Wars Universe.

+The effects are stunning.
+The actors are (considering what they've been given to work with) giving their all for a good show.
+BB-8 remains the series MVP.

-Virtually every character is wrong. Their actions, motivations, behavior are all, by and large, against their established characters. With the exception of Poe Dameron, BB-8, and Chewbaca everyone from Fin to Luke freaking Skywalker seem to have erased any previous character they had in the past films, and replaced it with rather sour one-note fascades. The mistreatment of Carrie Fisher's General Leia is especially upsetting considering this was her final film.
-The script is a jumbled collection of fetch-quests and laughably silly decisions. The only reason the Resistance (Rebels? They now use the terms interchangeably.) are not wiped out at every turn is due to massive bungling by the villainous First Order, not by any merit or skill on the protagonists' part.
-There is very little "fun" to be had. The movie will quickly introduce locations, ideas, or characters that have ample room for all sorts of wild space adventures, and then does very little with them, before trying to make things needlessly "dramatic". I would explain, but I will spare you the spoilers for now.

In short, this movie is just... ugh. I kept waiting for it to take off and become the fun adventure movie the critics have been raving about, but it never did. It feels like I saw a totally different movie than the one the critics saw- it's very strange.

So, if you want to go see it, be forewarned, the best part of this whole affair for me was the "Black Panther" trailer that played before it.