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spiderfan May 1 '18

Video I'm talking about:


Alright so not too long ago I was asked to join in on a call that was on "the unofficial VL discord" by Travis (better known as Weirdascrapvideos). I joined in and was then asked by a panel of mostly trolls why I was on the side of Alisson in all of this drama. Initially it started out civilly (mostly because Travis and CL21 were the only people there who weren't trolls) but then when I stated my opinions things went off the rails. At the time I couldn't do voice chat so instead I was listening to the panel and answering questions via the chat. This is worth mentioning because apparently CL21 recorded the audio and/or video of that. Whether he is going to post that is up to him.

There was a break in the action and then I joined the voice chat and that is where this video comes in. Apparently, only this audio was recorded of me being in the voice chat which is a shame because it isn't in its entirety. The shouting match started before when this audio was recorded and you can tell by the way the video starts. 

This video isn't clean like my other videos because these trolls can't make points without swearing so viewer discretion is advised. The video also has not the best of audio which makes things hard to understand at times. The other thing to keep in mind is that there were other people in the voice chat clogging things up. Outside of Formidable and Malicious I don't remember who was in the voice chat with me. 

I'd actually like to thank Formidable for recording this audio and posting it on "the unofficial VL discord". Of course no one in said discord thought to upload it to YT because they are chickens but I'm uploading it here so ha. 

This is most likely the last video I'll upload about the VL drama because at this point the debate isn't going anywhere. The good guys and gals won.

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Channeleven May 1 '18
Dude, you were no better. Trust me.