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Maklarr4000 May 24 '16
So, VidigoSocial is a social networking site by it's very definition. As such, it is emits a siren call to all the gold sellers, viagra peddlers, and free passport launderer robots all across the Internet. These systems are automated, and usually find sites like ours by searching the footer text (in our case, "Oxwall") for easy access. When they strike, things look like this:

If you see this happen, don't panic. Instead, notify one of your admins either via the admin account page here (http://vidigosocial.net/user/Admin) or any of the moderators here (NJP, Cameron, and I respectively). It takes us literally one pass to wipe a spammer out for good, and everything returns to normal.

If anything, what NOT to do is to reply to spambots- even if it's to snap back at them. When you reply to them, it notifies the sender of the bot that it got a reply- so they'll send more to gain yet more traffic. It can become an annoying loop, so don't take part in it.

If anyone has any questions about this, or anything else here at VidigoSocial, we'd be happy to assist you. Thank you!
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