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Maklarr4000 Meta
Maklarr4000 Dec 4 '18
Welp, Tumblr announced it will be removing all NSFW, inappropriate, shocking, or otherwise offensive material from the site in a little under a week, and all the users that post it as well. Sadly, that means that the WW2 history community over there is getting the boot too- in a surprise no one saw coming, photos of war, weapons, and other "violent acts" are suddenly under immense pressure. I now have 114 posts flagged by their AI, most of them pictures of tanks, planes, and ships with corresponding information- but as these now run counter to Tumblr's new "family friendly" direction; it's all got to go or I'll get banned.

It looks like M4K is gonna get banned yet again! 

I understand reigning in the actual pornography that's been running rampant, but knocking the whole site out for people who have used it for years and years is a pretty wild over reaction. I suppose everyone knew this day was coming at some point- websites owned by Verizon have a tendency to fall over (cough cough, Yahoo Screen, cough).

So, TL;DR, if you have a Tumblr blog you haven't checked on recently, or have stuff you need to save off of Tumblr, you've got a closing window to do it before the changes go into effect on the 17th of December, 2018.