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Maklarr4000 May 8 '16
Hello! Welcome to VidigoSocial!

But, what is VidigoSocial, and what can it do for you?

VidigoSocial is a social networking site owned and operated by Rick (NJP). Founded in 2012, VidigoSocial was founded by former ZippCast staff to serve as a community center for the ZippCast community. After the ZippCast crash of 2013, VidigoSocial rose to prominence as a community hub for former ZippCasters and other independent videoshare users, numbering in the hundreds.

After ZippCast returned in 2014, the VidigoSocial project languished, with a number of software changes with mixed results.

Today, VidigoSocial is back on it's original software with a brilliant new twist. New code, new servers, and some very cool new ideas are moving VidigoSocial forward into the future!

But, what can VidigoSocial do for you?

VidigoSocial is a safe, secure, customizable platform for individuals and groups to gather. Through our groups system, customizable profiles, and embed system, media of all sorts can be organized and shared with the world, or with your friends- on your terms, just the way you like it.

If you so desire, we here at VidigoSocial would be thrilled to have you with us. Welcome, old friends and new arrivals, to VidigoSocial!