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Mainline421 Jul 8 '16
See attached screenshots, major changes to channels!

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Channeleven Jul 8 '16
It didn't change on my end.
Mainline421 Jul 8 '16

Quote from Channeleven It didn't change on my end.

Google normally randomly enters a few users into experiments using cookies, as I accessed YouTube without using any cookies, the new cookie randomly assigned happened to activate that layout, it'll probably change a bit before being introduced but major changes are coming.
Mattwo Jul 8 '16
Some people get randomly selected for stealth beta testing. This is normal practice for YT. Must go by IP range considering he's signed out.

Frankly this new channel design looks a bit better and less minimalistic. The video player though, there really isn't much of a point for them to change it in such a manner.

Of course this could just be a hoax and someone just installed a Stylish skin.
Maklarr4000 Meta
Maklarr4000 Jul 9 '16
The place was basically smashed after Cosmic Panda, and then after One Channel they proved that no matter how bad things got, people would still use the platform- so much so DailyMotion is following their lead now, where they used to just kinda do their own thing.

The new player and channel layout could certainly be worse, so I doubt there will be the same uproar there was last time there were major changes. Just YT being YT now I guess- we can all pretty much expect there to be some sort of weird change this time of year.
Plantbob Oct 30 '16
2 Years later..