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Maklarr4000 Jul 13 '16
I suspect that most of us (barring the iMac/MacBook elite) are running some variant of Windows. As there have been, and are quite a few versions of Windows out there, what's your favorite?

It's my thread, so I get to go first!

Windows 2000 is my hands-down, all time favorite OS. As the last "purely business" Operating System, it was designed to be fast, powerful, and most importantly compatible. Microsoft was (and to a degree still is) trying to push businesses to upgrade their systems before they become totally obsolete- and at the time (1999) many businesses still ran systems as old as DOS. So, to make sure they could migrate smoothly into the new Millennium, Windows 2000 was designed to work with just about everything- from at-the-time cutting edge "USB" support to antique cassette tape backup systems. It was designed to run on very old systems modestly, and really open up the potential of cutting-edge processors from the turn-of-the century.

The reason Windows 2000 is my favorite is two-fold. I liked it because while Window 98 and 98SE played the games I liked, Windows 2000 could play them without issues. No crashes, no problems, no disasters. Even my later XP rigs could never hold a candle to the reliability of my old Compaq Windows 2000 tower. The other reason is that Windows 2000 gave me my first business.

In high school, I ran a very small data recovery/migration business. I found, usually through other people, individuals who had data on antique systems that they wanted brought up to speed with their new devices. However, Windows Vista and 7 at the time couldn't do anything with the old files, even if they were by some miracle in a format they could even read. Enter Windows 2000- the bridge between the old and the new. With Windows 2000 I could take the old data or information, transfer it to a more modern format, and then load it onto a flash drive for the client. I didn't make much money at it, but it was fun work- a computer science puzzle of sorts, and I got to play with all sorts of really cool old computers while I was at it.

So, for those reasons, Windows 2000 is my favorite Windows Operating System of them all.

What's yours, and why?
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spiderfan Jul 14 '16
My favorite has to be Windows 7 and I've used every Windows OS since XP except Vista. I liked because its features were great. It was usable and simple. I'll miss it. 

BTW as a side note I know that there are business' that still use XP. As someone who has worked in retail could you elaborate on why that would be and if you've encountered that?  

jhirzel88 Jul 14 '16
My favorite type of Windows would have to be one that's the simplest that at least has all the features I would need. That would be XP. I have it on a VM and can use it, although the VM is slower than actually having it installed on the hard drive.
Mattwo Jul 14 '16
I don't really have a favorite. They're all fairly flawed in their own ways and I've personally never had any major problems with Vista that were any different from any other version of Windows I've used making me wonder why the hell it's the butt monkey of the buch when every version of Windows is basically just as flawed. Probably helps I disabled UAC early on though.

Granted I think part of the problem with Vista is that there was a comparatively huge leap in development versions between the commercial releases of Windows XP (5.1) and Vista (6.0)

By contrast, ME in spite of being released later was 4.90.3000, Windows 2000 was 5.0, Windows 7 was 6.1, Windows 8 was 6.2 and Windows 8.1 was 6.3, though Windows 98 was 4.10.2222A and WIndows 95 was 4.00.950C OSR2.5 with the previous commercial release being the Chinese-only Windows 3.2 and Windows 10 is in fact 10.0 hence why they skipped Windows 9

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Channeleven Jul 14 '16
Windows XP. A big part of my childhood.
quietpickles Nov 8 '16
2000. It's the OS I had as a kid, and looking back on it now, it's a stable, well designed bit of work and I still love it and use it in VMs whenwver I can.
Zain_117 Nov 20 '16
My favorite has to be Windows 7 and Vista. Vista I've has ever since I was very small child and it is my favorite because I'm more familiar with it and I like how it looks. There are some problems I would have over Vista but it usually would not bother me for a while. As for windows 7, it is the second windows I've ever had and the main reason I like it is because it works, never had any problems with it and it looks beautiful like Vista.