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Maklarr4000 Jul 15 '16
Yesterday was Bastille Day, a French holiday celebrating the overturn of self-serving Monarchy in favor of a Republic of the people. Today is also a day in which terrorists have, yet again, attacked innocent people with the intent of bolstering support for the Islamic State terrorists, and their twisted ideals.

A madman in a box truck drove at speed into a crowd of people celebrating in the French city of Nice, and at least 40 have been confirmed killed.

A few news articles pertaining to the event.
(Huffington Post)

I think my thoughts can be surmised as such: it's evident that though ISIS itself may be on the ropes thanks to the Syrian/Russian forces in tandem with US/Iraqi/Coalition forces, the sick people who will do their bidding abroad will keep on killing like wild animals. Something should be done, but what is a delicate decision. We cannot condemn all practitioners of Islam for this attack, yet we cannot allow such tragedies to continue to occur over and over and over around the world. But, what is the answer? I do not know- I am thankful it is not my decision to make.

The thoughts and prayers of the VidigoSocial (and MetaJolt) teams are with the victims and their families in this dark hour.
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Alliya234 Jul 15 '16
The number of the victims increased to 84. It's a sad day for France, Europe and all humans. This madness has to be stopped, but in which way? I agree with you Mak, we cannot condemn all muslims. Again it is a matter of education and knowledge: Ignorance is the base of hate.