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Galvanized_Dreamer Aug 17 '16
So, anyone following Spidey here will know that MetaJolt.com is being used to redirect to other sites. I wanted to point out that it stopped pointing at Zippcast's Encyclopedia Dramatica article, and now does this (See attachment).

Edit: it does this with both Chrome and Firefox on my end.

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  Screenshot_19.png (10Kb)
spiderfan Aug 17 '16
I wonder who has the domain. No one from MJ has said anything. I suspect Jerkface might have it as when he fought me, he told me, he was going to take the domain. So either Jerkface or Mak or someone else is pulling a prank on people. Things are weird for sure. 
spiderfan Aug 18 '16
So now the domain takes you to my video on my history with MJ and ZC. That is weird. 
Mattwo Aug 18 '16
There's pretty much only two people who could and would be pulling a stunt like this but in the case of one of them it doesn't make much sense but that guy is completely nuts so I wouldn't put it past him.
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