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Maklarr4000 Meta
Maklarr4000 Sep 1 '16
Hello Vidi Nation! So, after the name change we also got rid of our old favicon, the little icon that displays next to the web address in most browsers.

What we have now is a rather uninspired "VN" that I threw quite literally together. Now, we have some pretty creative people here, and as it's an easy thing for us to change out, I thought I'd open it up to you guys.

If anyone wants to design a Favicon for Vidi Nation, upload it to our photo center, and state in the description what it's for. Depending on how many responses we get, Rick and I will choose which one is selected, though I think it'd be kinda fun to rotate them out every month or so if we get enough to do that. Feel free to submit multiple times, I'm cool with that.

Full credit will be given to the creator both here and on the front-page somewhere (probably in the dev log box), as well as a special "badge" for your avatar so long as your favicon is in use.

If anyone has any questions, shoot me a PM. Thanks!