Hillary Clinton sick? (Political!) | Forum

Maklarr4000 Meta
Maklarr4000 Sep 12 '16
So, yesterday (9/11) Hillary Clinton the Democratic Presidential Nominee fell ill and had to leave the event sparking all sorts of conversation as to what this means for an already brutal (and unpredictable) Presidential race.

Though it's since come out that she's been diagnosed with pneumonia, (a serious, but treatable illness), both the Republicans and more surprisingly the Democratic National Convention are taking a closer look at Secretary Clinton's overall health- both sides wondering if she is physically able to be the President.

I'm still waiting on more info as this all moves ahead this week, so I thought I'd ask what you guys all think.

I thank you in advance for being civil.
NJP Admin
NJP Sep 13 '16
I doubt we will get any more info from the Democrat camp.  Seems they do a good job at covering things up and making them "disappear".
One theory circulating is that she was drunk.  There could be some value in that assessment.