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Maklarr4000 Meta
Maklarr4000 Oct 3 '16
I had the news running a little while ago to see what's going on locally, and of course they have to talk about the latest in the big fight between Hillary and Trump. Today though, a new word entered the cultural lexicon. Someone interviewed said that the "country (the United States) will not survive the coming Trumpocalypse".


I cannot wait until this whole thing is finally over.
NJP Admin
NJP Oct 4 '16
Couldn't agree more Mak.  I am sooooooooo sick and tired of hearing the same ole-same ole from these politicians.  Been there, done that.   Heard it all before.....
BennyD Oct 6 '16
One month and 2 days to go.
Maklarr4000 Meta
Maklarr4000 Oct 6 '16

Quote from BennyD One month and 2 days to go.

So close, and yet so far.