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Maklarr4000 Oct 9 '16
So, to anyone who hasn't heard, despite rumors it was dead forever, Scott Cawthon, the maker of the loved/hated FNAF games has released his latest game after all. Not sure if it was the cries of the fans, the cries of retailers selling his merchandise, or his own lust for more money that finally brought the game into being, but holy hell am I glad it did.

Usually I'd be pretty pessimistic about a franchise that has to "reinvent" itself with each new installment, as it invariably leaves the series feeling further from it's roots, and usually draws it down to it's lowest common denominator- as we saw in FNAF 4, the stupid one in the house.

But, enter Sister Location, which is thematically tied to FNAF, but is a completely new experience. Unlike it's predecessors, which were basically timed chore jugglers with jump scares, tethered together with a shoestring plot the fans seemed to be making up as they went along, Sister Location is more story focused.

You again play a nameless cog who works for a shadowy company that for some reason keeps terrifying murderous robots around for the amusement of children. Hooray. However, in this story the emphasis is less on juggling things, and more on the mystery surrounding the environment, the animatronics themselves, and what the holy hell is going on. It starts off pretty hum drum as FNAF goes, but not long after it's throwing all sorts of interesting, genuinely frightening things at you. It goes the extra step to where it paints the animatronics in an almost sympathetic light, as they're trapped in this hellhole as much as you are. I'm hooked, and I intend to beat it over the weekend. For those on the fence, here's Markiplier's LP thusfar- it's set up pretty well and the man satisfies in the jump scare department.