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The Musical Influence

The Musical Influence

I loved to listen to music as I worked on my academic assignments. This helped me not to fall asleep as I worked on some of the boring topics. At times, I would find that my head was bopping up and down to the music that I would forget that I was dealing with serious academic matters. When I was too tired to work on them any longer, I would upload them to a reliable writing website that charged an affordable amount to get the work done. The rest of the time before I slept, I liked to listen to my favorite music. Our lecturers were always writing on the board that we write the BestEssays.

I wondered why I found it easy to grasp lyrics to music, yet I could not understand academic knowledge when I was studying for my examinations. When my roommate came back from her classes, she found me dancing away to the music that I was listening to. She simply looked at me and shook her head. It seemed that I had lost my mind. With the kind of academic work we faced, it was not a surprising thought. In my defense, listening to music was better than taking alcohol to calm my nerves like my friends did when they were stressed

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