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    You can't get much more 1950's classic than this, a 1951 Studebaker sedan. Again, they just don't make cars like they used to.
    Dec 1 '17
    I wish cars were made like they use to make em
    NJP Admin
    Dec 1 '17
    They were hellaciously solid, and true works of art...as opposed to the "cookie cutter" cars we have today. ......but man they sure drank the gas (petrol).
    Maklarr4000 Meta
    Dec 2 '17
    Back when a V8 wasn't for performance, it was the minimum needed to move something that big down the road!
    Dec 13 '17
    Wow. The car with the bullet nose. Fantastic !!
    NJP Admin
    Dec 14 '17
    Classic Studebaker feature was that "bullet" nose. It was on all of their cars.

    Yeah they were big, bulky and heavy, but man they were sure comfortable cars to ride in.
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