NJP's groups

Vidi Nation Improvement Group
A group dedicated to working out ideas and means to improve the website at VidigoSocial.net and it's community experience.
12 members
A group dedicated to exchanging ideas, screenshots and general discussion about Minecraft.
9 members
Wings of the World
A group archiving and discussing all things aviation, including aviation history, warbirds, and flight in general. Join us!
9 members
Legacy Technology Group
A group for technology that's old, new, strange, and/or wonderful! Feel free to join in the fun!
10 members
The Sims (All Versions)
A group dedicated to discussions about the Sims franchise.   We can talk about anything related to the Sims 1 - 4 and Sims Medieval.
7 members
Sim City
This group is for fans of Sim City.  All versions are open for discussion here.   Tell us which one you like..or do not like, and why.  Let's have some fun talking about the Sim City franchise.
6 members
Old and Vintage Gaming
Remember the Atari 2600?  How about ColecoVision!  Remember the days when you hooked the consoles up to the TV in the living room?  Then this group is for you!   This Group is for people who remember (and/or maybe still play) and love the old generations of video games.  Le...
16 members
MetaJolt Group
A group dedicated to MetaJolt.com and its community here on VidigoSocial. Also, likely a dumping ground for Mak's screenshots, news, and miscellany.
32 members
A group for people who use YouTube on a daily basis. You can discuss all things YouTube here! Please do not stray too far from the topic of "YouTube". Advertising is alright, just don't be extreme with it. Please keep this PG-13, cursing is alright, just don't get excessive with it. Conta...
17 members
Sims - Videos, Creations + Stories
I (DragonFinderOfVenus) have made Sims videos on YouTube for a few years now on and off. I also do a lot of building for the game and like making really cool stories for characters to follow. This is a group where, if you're interested, you can post videos you've uploaded of The Sims, updates on fam...
4 members
Lovers of the Nintendo Gamecube
~ Group for discussion of the 2001 Nintendo console  ~
8 members
So many years and still feeling like a stranger
No Description required
16 members
TV Series and Film Recommendations
Post in here about any series or film that you have enjoyed/are enjoying. No major spoilers please!
16 members